Zhena’s Gyspy Tea Coconut Chai – Princess Nari Cat Appurrrroved

Zhena's Gypsy Coconut Chai


: I’ve never tried any brews from Zhena’s Gypsy Tea, but I am definitely looking forward to the next one. This organic chai tea has some of the fanciest packaging I have ever seen, matched only by the quantity of BS marketing, much more than other tea brands. For example: “Combining the Ancient Tea Blending principles that began with the earliest monks and herbalists with the art of Aromatherapy, Zhenas Gypsy Tea produces hand-crafted, premium quality, all natural and organic healthy infusions to please the palate and delight the senses.” I’m a sucker for hand-crafted teas made by monastery dwelling horticulturalists, whatever that means.

The bombastic self-felatio is quite justified as this organic tea is actually delicious. When you open up the canister, the smell can fill an entire room with the almost overbearing aroma of cardamom, ginger, and clove. The Chai tea is a little spicy in flavor and leaves a light herbal film on your tongue and toward the back of the throat to be enjoyed in between sips. But what really keeps me coming back for more is that it its heart, thisCeylon tea is a black tea through and through, and that taste of minimalism intermingled in such a complexflavored tea is what really sends this one over the edge. Get your paws on it.

Rating: A


: Zhena’s Gypsy Tea makes some superior tea, and an excursion to Jewel lead me straight to theirCoconut Chai Black Tea. The sleek black and gold tin showcases some of the finest marketing literature I’ve seen in a while, with Hyson brand tea being the only exception to date. The descriptive phrases are abundant, and luckily this aromatherapeutic tea is deserving of every adjective and adverb.

This magnetic fusion of Indian black tea, cinnamon, ginger, clove, and coconut flavoring is a great addition to the Tea Amigos lineup. The Chai black tea has a wonderful aroma that relaxes the mind and soothes the soul, no jokes. One whiff and you will agree with me. Zhena’s Gypsy Tea is a fair trade organic tea that comes in eco-friendly tea sachets, clearly looking out for Mother Earth. I very much admire this superb ceylon tea blend and look forward to more tea review blog entries from Zhena.

Rating: A+

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