Zhena’s Gypsy Tea: Pomegranate Rose Green Decaf Tea (phew!)

Zhena Pom Rose


: Zhena’s Pomegranate Rose Green Tea is a fruity decaf tea with a nice blend of berry and rose simplicity and green tea nuances. You see, I just got back from Costa Rica where I was drinking mainly coffee so my taste buds are a little rusty. This is the perfect post-Costa Rica tea because it’s a smooth berry filled transition with true tea credentials. The taste is mild and inviting and does not overshadow the decaf green tea flavor which I like. A nice blend of some fine Zhena’s Gypsy Tea. Pura vida!

Rating: A-


: An interesting Zhena’s Gypsy tea reviewtoday. Zhena’s Pomegranate Rose Green decaf tea was like the underdog in a boxing match. Of course I hedged my bets since it was a green tea, but I was expecting the herbal pomegranate flavor to smash everything else. In the end, this Zhena’s gypsy tea was a true fighter. The heavily grassy green tea flavor was what stood out the most, a characteristic I am particularly fond of. Plus, the light rose color and subtle fruit undertones let you know the pom is in the building. Exceeded expectations by far.

Rating: B+

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