Zhena’s Gypsy Earl Greater Grey – Nature’s Anti-Depressant

Zhena Earl Greater Grey Tea


: Zhena’s Gypsy Tea’s Earl Grey, as always, comes in a package with the ultimate in marketing-speak. As a marketing professional, I know how to pad informational materials with a plethora of unnecessary information worded with sentences so long and words so big that your head will explode. That being said, I am nothing but an apprentice toZhena’s Gypsy Tea. They are the true masters. Sometimes their hype lives up to the product like in the case of Zhena’s Coconut Chai, but I am sad to inform that with Zhena’s Earl Grey Tea, it does not. Don’t get me wrong, the tea is fine, above average even. A healthy dose of bergamot gives this tea some steepability but the black tea leaves seem a little over-fermented. It’s a good daily drinker with a lot of potential, but it might need a better base tea.

Rating: B+


: One thing that I love about Zhena’s Gypsy Teas is the blast factor that is experienced upon crackage of the package. The Earl Greater Grey is a bergamot beast, toting nature’s anti-depressant like a cannon. Since this Zhena Tea is an organic tea, you can expect this earl grey to be hearty and potent, which it is.Zhena’s Earl Greater Grey did indeed delight all of my senses, and was a fine black tea to start my day with.

Rating: B+

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