Yogi Super Green Tea – Roommate Approved

Yogi Super Green Tea


: Yogi Tea has this distinctive sweet aftertaste that can be both good and bad. My original thought that this was a staple of chamomile teas, but Yogi is the culprit. Sampling this Renew Green Tea with super anti-oxidants proved to be having the same aftertaste. Yogi tries to fit a lot of herbs and flavors in their teas, and it is noticeable. The green tea is very upfront in flavor and consistency, leaving a sweet, filmy feeling at the top of your throat. The aura presented here is that of flowers, and this could be what “colors” taste like. Green tea might as well have taken the day off, I could barely tell he was in the building.

Rating: B


: This green tea from Yogi Tea has got to be one of the most complex teas. The ingredients list is kind of like the War and Peace of Tea. Have you ever had organic burdock? How about organic dandelion root? Who can forget Irish Moss powder? All these herbal accessories certainly make this organic tea unique in taste, but the downside is that it overpowers the green tea flavor that I appreciate. The taste can best be described as “botanical.” This Yogi Green tea has a very flowery aftertaste, and a lot of nuance that makes it very interesting to analyze. Delicate on the tastebuds and slippery in texture, Green Tea Super Anti-Oxidant fromYogi tea is one of the most unusual tea blends I have encountered. It might not become your favorite, but you will not be disappointed.

Rating: A-

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