Yogi “Renew” Green Tea with Pomegranate – The Masked Wonder

Yogi Green Tea Pomegranate


: Yogi Tea reviews are usually approached with caution, and this green tea with pomegranatewas no exception in my eyes. Yogi Tea is ingredient-rich, which makes me shudder with agony. No prejudice was exhibited, though, as I faithfully steeped the Yogi Renew Tea. Colorful in packaging as well as in teacup, Yogi Green Tea with Pomegranate was a masked warrior in the battle to please my palate. At first glance it resembled aCelestial Seasonings Wildberry Zinger, which I dismiss and bulljive instantaneously. Nonetheless I was taken aback by its simple, yet refined flavor. Yogi Tea is power packed, but to the correct proportion. It didn’t taste like purple Tang, it was a flavorful blend of hibiscus, green tea, and a bit of love thrown in there as well. Don’t be intimidated, try this one and be pleased.

Rating: A-


: Yogi Green tea with Pomegranate is bomb. Period. if you look at the ingredients list, you will find a bunch of herbs and spices you may never have heard of. Normally when I see that I run because of my experience with Celestial Seasonings which also likes to cram in hibiscus, orange peel, and the all-popular “natural flavors”. The difference, of course, is drinkability or more accurately, tasteability because what does not seem to work for Celestial Seasonings seems to do just fine for Yogi Tea. the taste behind this tea is a complex tug-of-war between fresh green tea and the sour hibiscus, each fighting for the deserving position of dominant flavor. A faint pomegranate cheers the two contenders on but in the end hibiscus wins as the supreme flavor. Green tea definitely made his presence known, though.

Rating: A

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