Yogi Green Tea Energy – Level Up, With A Price…

Yogi Green Stamina


: Yogi Green Tea Energy is a complex tea with a lot of simultaneous processes. As the gears turn, the belts spin, hampsters run, axles rotate, bells ring and steam whistles blow in this incredible machine, I feel the need to take this Yogi steep one taste at a time. The most prominent taste in thisgreen tea is that of detox teas. I don’t know precisely what ingredients they share but it’s definitely got that detox tea funk. Ginseng and ginger flavoring is next and it ain’t that pretty of a mix here. Lemongrass? Why not. Overall, they built a complex machine full of processes but no function.

Rating: B-


: Yogi Tea once again bewilders me with some goofy green tea.  Yogi Green Tea Energy or Stamina or some other RPG stat is a funky tasting detox-looking viagra-defying over-rotated beast of a tea.  There is not only a jambalaya of ingredients and flavors to supposedly boost your ego, strength, and vigor, it is a paella preposterous poop.  Okay I went a little too far there, but seriously there is no need for such madness.  It’s like lighting fireworks in a port-o-potty, way too much craziness in a small package.

Rating: C

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