Yogi Chai Black Tea – Post $5 Footlong Treat

Yogi Black Chai


: Yogi Tea Chai Black is notable basically for only two reasons.
1. This chai tea goes great after a Subway wheat bread tuna sandwich toasted with pepperjack cheese along with every vegetable. Don’t forget to get the yellow peppers and BOTH jalepenos and giardinera. Also make the good folks behind the counter sprinkle on the spices AND parmesean. This makes for a spicy sub. Nothing quells the totally expected gastro-intestinal disaster like Yogi Chai black tea.
2. Secondly, this Yogi Tea is also good cold and passes the ovrsteep challenge with flying colors. I’m sipping it right now and the teabag has been in a particularly small volume of water (maybe 2 oz) for over 48 hours. Still delicious.
Unfotunately there isn’t anything else too notable about this Yogi chai tea but it’s got a lot of heart and makes for an excellent daily chai tea drinker if that’s your steep.

Rating: B+


: I wasn’t expecting much from Yogi Chai Black Tea, but the chai tea hothed me with the goodness. A fresh and pleasant black tea base coasts the chai topping along a winding hill of flavor. Yogi tea stepped it up and provided this teasan with the tools necessary to reach the pinnacle of chai tea. Not much else can be said, except for the grade..

Rating: A

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