Wu-Yi Tea Company Wu-Yi Acai Power Tea – Worth A Second Look

Wu-Yi Acai Power Tea


: This Acai tea has more Wu-Yi’s than playing Streets of Rage at full volume.


Wu-Yi Tea Company Acai Power Tea at first glance was placed in the overly-hyped-antioxidant-rich tea pile and left to grow mold. Why? Well there are many a fruit tea out there that boast extreme flavor/weight loss/power surges directly after consumption. You already know, this tea did none of the sort. What it did do is taste like acai stems at first. Did I oversteep? Prolly. Did I try again? Sho ’nuff. Lo and behold the second steep of this tea made me double-take. It’s not that the flavor is off the chain, it’s the fact that it actually tastes like stale green tea. Call me crazy, but a nice stale tea is kind of addicting – sorta like when people crave genmaicha.

Just fyi, this tea was named after the Wu-Yi mountains in China, a place where people walk barefoot through the snow uphill both ways to pillage their tea. I thought that it was stale and plain, in a good way.

Rating: B+


:Wu-Yi Tea’s Acai power better be damn good for me. I would drink this tea professionally, but not recreationally. Meaning, if the purported benefits of acai are real, it may be worth it bite that bullet and drink this concoction once a day. To be fair, it’s not BAD. There are far more booty herbal fusions to be had. It tastes a lot better than it smells so I recommend either holding your breath mid-sip or breathing via mouf. The taste is leafy and twiggy, if that tells you anything. If you search acai berry you’ll find a lot of outrageous claims regarding its health benefits ranging from cancer treatment to penis enlargement. According to the only source I trust, Wikipedia, none of this is scientifically supported, so I would hold off on getting this Wu-Yi Tea.

Rating: C

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