Winter Pear Tea – Fruit Incognito

Coffee Tea Exchange


: My girl Daz lives right across the street from this humble little spot called the Coffee & Tea Exchange. They have tea for days, and this particular day I went in a picked up some samples to review. My favorite fruit is pear, and on their wall of countless loose teas, a Winter Pear Tea caught my eye. Expectations were insurmountable Mike and I filled the stainless steel tea balls with these little niblets of pear. I didn’t really see any tea leaves, just little dried pear pieces that look like potpourri or hamster droppings. To some, this loose tea gave off a very familiar, crunk-like smell that resembles that of Smirnoff Green Apple, declaring that Winter Pear Tea has some relation to fruity liquor. True tea enthusiasts recognize this smell as an extra potent pear concoction. The taste, priceless. Smooth pear essence with an elegant, lasting touch make this Pear Tea one for the books. It has the potential to be the tea of the summer, as this drinking tea is almost better cold. The flavors are rich, bold, and rank right up there next to a peppermint tea for my favorite, everyday tea. One.

Rating: A


: As I have mentioned previously for my avid fans and world wide following, I am not the biggest supporter of fruit teas, which is why it was quite pleasant to come across this gem. Dax brought me some of this unbranded Winter Pear tea from a place on the North side called Coffee and Tea Exchange. The pear tea smelled vibrantly and its sweet, succulent pear taste catapulted me over the castle walls and into the countess’s bedroom. Definitely delicious. One thing really stuck out to me though. There was no actual tea flavor. It did not taste like black teagreen teaoolong tea, nothing. Almost like heated fruit juice. Suspiciously, the tea itself was loose-leaf tea, yet there were no leaves. It really looked more like cubes of pear. I opened up my tea ball and examined closely. Looks like it was just dried pear. Duped again! Nevertheless, though technically not a tea, definitely a formidable beverage.

Overall Rating: A- (Disqualification for not even being herbal, just dried fruit soaked in water)

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