Twining’s Four Red Fruits Tea – Berry Good, Berry Good

Twinings Four Red Tea


: Too bad it isn’t easy to find Twining’s Four Red Fruits around here, for it is the epitome of daily drinker. Going head to head against the likes ofHyson Cherry Lift, this Twinings flavored black tealays the smackdown with little or no disregard to life. The black tea is light, crisp, and ultra-smooth, giving way to a bevy of berry bliss that sits quite nicely in the aftertaste. There is a perfect harmony between fruit and black tea, something rarely accomplished in this field. Resorts in the Dominican know how to keep their tea game correct.

Rating: A+


: Twinings Four Red Fruits Tea is yet another unique Twinings tea I have not seen arund my native Chicago but had the fortune of Dax brining it into the teasan workshop. I had my assistant, Wilbur, unwrap it and my apprentice, Simone, place it gently into my cup and steep for the appropriate amount of time. Good job Wilbur and Simone, your annual reviews are coming up and I’m noticing steepological improvements.
Anyway, this is hands down one of the best fruit teas I’ve ever tried. Though it’s got raspberries, strawberries, cherries, and cranberries, the two most prominent flavors are definitely cranberry and cherry, dependng on which part of the tongue the tea touches and how far you are along on in the taste test. The cranberry stands out more at first but the cherry moreso later. Overall, the flavors complement the solid black tea foundation nicely.

Rating: A

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