Twinings English Breakfast Tea – Powerful Taste, Nice Finish

Twining's English Breakfast


: Unlike the Earl Grey Tea from Twinings, theirEnglish Breakfast Tea is a banger and my go-to tea at work in the morning. Although this black teadoesn’t have the scent of a brute champion, it consistently eliminates the competition with banging flavor and a satisfying finish that will have you grabbing for another teabag with the quickness. Soft, subtle tones of hickory-smoked goodness envelop the intro, while a 36-piece orchestra plays Bittersweet Symphony on the way down. Even as I type I’m contemplating a third straight cup of the breakfast tea, which by the way is suitable at all times of the day. Twinings black tea, contrary to definition, is a succulent chocolate color, and will undoubtedly highlight your favorite tea cup quite well. Twining’s English Breakfast Tea was the gateway tea, and now all teas are subject to this life-threatening addiction.  ThisTwinings tea review is the beginning of the end.

Rating: A


: Steep too long and you might find the taste overwhelming. I don’t though. I leave the the Twinings English Breakfast Tea bag in for the whole ride. I think Dax mentioned a while back that it gets too strong, so he pulls it out prematurely. I’ve always been a fan of very powerful, almost overwhelming tastes, so I let theEnglish Breakfast Tea marinate my tea quite the bit.

I have little experience with English Breakfast Teas, but I enjoy this one on a daily basis. It’s definitely heavier than the Earl Grey, but unlike the Earl Grey, it’s got a definite strong flavor which does not leave you wondering if this is a black tea with herb or a herbal tea mixed with black tea. I’d say the flavor is “robust” but I don’t want to sound like a Starbucks hipster barista D-bag. It has a strong, leafy aroma which pleasures your nose while you sip the steaming beverage. A few times I have experience a peculiar phenomenon where I will taste a sort of barbeque mesquite flavor at the end of the English Breakfast experience. Happens on occasion. I am sipping it now but I can’t find it. Look for it if you get the chance to try this tea out. If you catch a glimpse of that flavor, you might get hooked looking for it.

The consistency is quite thick and the tea is completely opaque. Caffeine content? Twining’s gives it 3/5 on the water to espresso scale, but I would not know, because for the most part I am immune to caffeine.

Rating: A

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  • Mike, I’m curious about your comment that you are “for the most part immune to caffeine.” I seem to be unaffected by the caffeine in tea (and I brew very strong tea), but I cannot handle the caffeine in even a single cup of coffee. I recently learned from a dietition that they are different types of caffeine, but I don’t have the details.

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