Trescerro English Breakfast Tea – Not Worth the Shakedown

Trescerro EB


: Trescerro English Breakfast had a bit of darkness to it. I don’t know if they’ve been hanging around one too many necromancers and converted to mage bashing. One or the other, this breakfast teafelt like it had a hint of molasses to it. The mesquite was there, but it really had this extra component of syrup infused in the leaves. Trescerro tea always raises a certain amount of questions, none of which their website (or lack thereof) can answer. My question is, when did tea get thick? Do not be too afraid of Trescerro English Breakfast, its just got some weather on it.

Rating: B-


: There’s two types of teasans out there trying to stake their claim to fame by getting their name out on the teasan hall of fame. True teasans and tricksters. You see, Dax and I are true teasans through and through so we give new brands like Trescerro tea a chance. The tricksters out there wouldn’t give thisTrescerro English Breakfast tea the light of day. They’re too busy steeping only elite brands (which we do not hate on by any means) being all snobby and forgetting what the tea hustle is all about.
So let’s talk about Trescerro English Breakfast tea, shall we. It’s not a winner but I’m glad I gave it a shot unlike those trickster teasan posers. Trescerro English Breakfast has your standard Assam tea taste. No hickory smoked mesquitability to report, just a very plain, standard, English Breakfast tea. Not bad but sub-daily drinker status. Cop some for yourself and let me know if you agree.

Rating: B-

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