Trader Joe’s Bed Time Tea – Heavy On the Itis

TJ Bedtime Tea


: Trader Joe’s Bedtime Tea is a soothingchamomile tea with a refreshing hint of mint. You’ll be all up in flavor country when you ingest this one. Whenever I do chamomile tea reviews, I usually usually force it down my gullet and try to think of pleasant meadows to avoid cognition of the surface of my tongue. With this Trader Joes tea, I had no issues. By far the best chamomile tea I have tried. Straight herbs, none of the gross aftertaste.

Rating: A


: Trader Joe’s will hit you with the quality, and that is no joke. Even their chamomile tea hit a couple home runs this season. Trader Joe’s Bedtime Tea is one that will soothe your throat, ease your belly, and give you some sort of liquid induced itis that will have you sleeping like a baby through construction. Laced with a bit of mint, Bedtime tea was a very potent steep. I had some Trader Joe’s tea in the car and boy did my whip smell like TeaAmigos. Phew! This guy is the pigpen of tea. Not that chamomile funk is bad or anything, I just had a cup of it in the whip and people were wondering what was that smell. Don’t have this in the car if you are crossing the border. Customs agents might make you surrender your vehicle due to trafficking pounds of chamomile. Or maybe they will just ask you where you got such a potent tea. Point them to Trader Joe’s.

Rating: B

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