Therbal Jamaica Tea aka The Hibiscus Wonder

Therbal Jamaica


: A trip to our local Cermak Grocery brought a new hibiscus tea to try. Therbal Jamaica Tea was a standout on the shelf and immediately was taken captive by my shopping cart. Upon steepage I noticed an aroma that is native to burrito spots worldwide. See, as I’m sure Mike will go on and on about (he’s a true tea historian), Jamaica is another word for hibiscus, which is the main ingredient in this herbal tea. It has a potent smell and color that resembles some crazy jambalaya of herbs from Celestial Seasonings or something, yet it is pure 100% hibiscus flower. The taste is as bountiful as its uses. It starts out with a quick jab of vegetable-like essence, following by a barrage of delicious fruitiness. The ender is a tart and pleasurable finish. I definitely didn’t sign up for all of this. Money.

Rating: A-


: Hibiscus tea is popular in Latin America where it is known as Jamaica. Either the country was named after this flower, or the flower was named because of its prevalence on the island. Considering hibiscus is found in tropical regions around the world, and has been used as a medicinal and ceremonial herb, it is unlikely that this multi-functional flower was named after the Caribbean state. This particular hibiscus tea is surprising complex considering that it has just one ingredient. This is one of the few teas I would describe as “cooling” despite the fact that I brought the water to rolling boil before pouring it over the teabag, just as the instructions said. Initially, it tastes slightly diluted it picks up the pace with the second sip and doesn’t let it slip. Not a bad tea to take a trip, I put my hands up on your hip, when I dip you dip we dip. The flavor is a light tart, slightly sweet, and generally pleasant. The color is a very rich light red, very regal. Overall, definitely worth your time.

Rating: A-

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