Teatulia Earl of Bengal Tea – Smooth and Crispy

Teatulia Earl of Bengal


: Don’t be fooled by the twist in the name. I’m sure you all thought this was a never-before-seent tea from Teatulia Tea Company (which was gracious enough to send us a bunch of samples) but reallyEarl of Bengal = Earl grey tea with little discernable difference. The bergamotability was strong with this one but the black tea base seemed more intense than than the average Earl grey. For my tastes, this made it more enjoyable. Other than that there’s little additional illustriousness to be added. It’s good, give it a shot but I wouldn’t go out of my way to cop it.

Rating: B+?


: Teatulia got some Bengal in their system. Their Earl of Bengal Tea is a manifestation of said Bengal, and it is tasty I might say. I was guessing that this was going to be in the family of earl grey teas, and I could sense some relation. The bergamotability was not that extravagant I might say, but just being called “Earl of Bengal” made up for it fully. I’m really diggin the simplicity and presentation of these Teatulia teas. I can’t say this made me jump up for glee and play and air guitar, but I did steep two servings. Once for the game and once for the love.

Rating: B+

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