Te Teas Organic Forest Green Tea – Bonus Packaging Points

Te Teas Organic Forest Green Tea


Just to start off, Te Teas get bonus points for their packaging choice. Biodegradable sachets, a trapezoid box, and marketing all day make for a great first impression. Their Organic Forest Green Tea uses whole-leaf Mao Feng green tea, so this is no scrap greenery here. The taste: magical. I can only think of Yamamotayama Sencha Tea which reaches a similar taste pinnacle, making your mouf greener than a 70′s hippy protester handcuffed to a dandelion. This one will do wonders for you, so check out your local grocer and grab some Te Organic Forest Green Tea now. I mean it. Put the iPad down and get some.

Rating: A+


Te ain’t fooling around with their Organic Forest Green tea. It’s got the grassiness necessary to reap the pinnacle of the shrubs that grow atop the Scottish Highlands. This is also the first Mao feng tea we have reviewed, unless some previous ones were unbeknownst to us. For those ill informed, here’s what Wikipedia has to say about it:

Mao feng (毛峰) is a term in tea manufacture denoting the picking of a bud and two leaves of equal length. Mao feng teas have a broad, curved, flat shape. It is considered one of the choicest shapes of tea leaf.
Mao feng teas include Huang Shan Mao Feng tea, one of the Famous Teas of China, and Keemun Mao Feng.

The taste and smell of this organic green tea from Te tea displays good acumen on the part of Te, hand selecting premium leaves like true teasans. Few green teas are as fresh and as proper. Take this steep without a grain of salt.

Rating: A

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