Tazo Organic Green Tea – Earthy, Grassy, and Eco-Friendly

Tazo Organic Green Tea


: Tazo Organic Green Tea is one of the leafier grassier green teas I have had the pleasure to sip on. The packaging boasts of earthy and smokey flavor. While I cannot recognize either of those taste sensations in this organic tea, it is a rather tastyorganic green tea nevertheless. The freshness factor could be upped because I feel like this Tazo Organic Tea may have been stashed away for sometime before reaching my cup of boiling water. You can’t really hold it against Tazo Tea because I might have simply gotten a hold of an older teabag. Who knows how long this tea was lying around for, waiting for the TeaAmigos to get their tea reviewon.

Rating: B+


: Finally, a company understands the compelling need for smokiness in organic tea. Tazo Organic Green tea says so right on the wrapper, but does it deliver? I think that green tea should have more of an earthy, holistic feel to it, and black tea is when bbq comes into play. Tazo tea did lay the flavor on pretty solid, laying some nice grassy hints. Overall this organic green tea is right on the mark.

Rating: B

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