Tazo Organic Chai Tea – Do the Latte

Tazo Organic Chai


: Packing a powerful flavor uppercut, Tazo Organic Chai tea just wasn’t gonna settle for second string. Startin as a rich, bold black tea, what I was about to get into was something extra serious. After the first sip burned my lips and choked my tastebuds with spice, I decided to call for backup. Achai tea this crackin only deserve the trial of latte infusion. After some cream and sugar was added, thisTazo tea held up to the high Starbucks standards and morphed into a 3 dollar drink. Save some money and grab a sachet of Tazo Organic Chai and “Do the Latte”.

Rating: A


: Tazo Organic Chai is a tea most fly. Never did see a chai tea like this. Unequivically, the bestunsweetened chai tea I ever tried. Didn’t even have to add milk or creamer. Steeper’s dream to keep your tea this pure. If you’re looking for the cure to the common chai tea, get your grimy hands on this one from Tazo. Creamy smooth, naturally sweet, harmony in a bag, hard to beat. When you steep this chai, put some angelic music in the background with a triumphant trumpet accompaniment. Put this in your teacup and drink it.

Rating: A+

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