Tazo Earl Grey Tea – Proper Balance, Proper Tea

Tazo Earl Grey


: Tazo earl grey was a refreshing earl grey tea. I didn’t get hit too hard over the head with bergamot, and the black tea backbone was centered and in good health. No reumatoid arthritis here, people. Tazo tea is backed by Starbucks, so you know that they are doing something correct, and thisearl grey follows suit. With more balance than a perfect front crooks, Tazo earl grey tea has got you on the right path.

Rating: A


: You might have heard the maxim that all Earl Grey Teas taste the same. Well, it’s not true, and you’ve probably never heard this proverb because I just made it up. Regardless of whether you have heard this or not, Tazo Earl Grey disproves this postulate even if one were to argue from aforementioned platitude whose applicability is subject to the scrutiny of its originator.Tazo tea has come forth with some bold brews previously, but their Earl Grey tea demonstrates that Tazoalso possesses the finesse to balance two highly volitile flavors in perfect balance. The flavors I refer to are tea, and bergamot, of course. Anyway, this Tazo Earl Grey is on top of it’s game. So steep early and steep often and if you oversteep then dillute with hot water. That’s what I did and everything ended honky dory.

Rating: A

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