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Tazo Calm


: In the interest of full disclosure, I’ve never been a big fan of chamomile tea. That being said, it is no surprise that I did not particularly enjoy this one. I opened the bag and took a whiff, as I always do. You got to smell the wine before you taste it, and the same applies to tea. The scent was magnificent, peppermint and chocolate is what I smelled. Dax disagreed and described it as the smell of a K-Mart apparel shopping aisle.   Attention K-Mart shoppers, I have made a discovery. Dax and I used different temperature water to steep the Tazo camomile tea. My water was hotter, my Tazo Calm tea was darker and discolored and it was not as good. So, if you’re into this sort of thing, don’t use boiling water. This Tazo Tea does not taste like it smells. It loses that delicious aromas it is drowned out by the taste of chamomile tea As for thesupposed calming effects of Tazo Calm, I can say that it works.I feel calm, not tired though, just calm. Opposite of Red Bull. Turns out that this is a purely herbal tea. In fact, herbal tea is probably a misnomer because there’s no actual tea leaves, neither black tea or green tea. Check out the ingredients.

Overall rating: C-


: My experiences with chamomile teas have been constant struggle. These herbal teas usually leave my teacup and my mouth reaching for clean saliva. A lot of times chamomile flavored tea leaves this oily, flowery film in my throat, and the taste of said film comes back in the gaseous form of your common burp. I’m not one to judge, so the homey Greg put me onto TAZO.
TAZO Calm Tea has a dynamic color scale that will surely send your imagination for a ride. The chamomile flavor isn’t as strong and overbearing, but does have a cameo appearance in the finish. If you are a die-hard “I need to taste chamomile for weeks” tea drinker, than I’d keep in the bag like Mike says. Mild chamomile lovers may accept this tea for what it is and bring it into their household. Personally, I’m straight.

Rating: D+

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