Tazo BerryBlossom White Tea – Potent Flower Power

Tazo Berryblossom

Mike: Tazo Berryblossom White tea is a rare find when you’re on the teasan grind. Never seent a tea flavored with blueberry and white cranberry before. Just like everything else, there’s a first time for everything in the tea game, even for veteran tea G’s like Dax and I. We’ve been keeping the tea orchards on lock down since the dawn of time, but I digress.
Tazo tea does a good job crafting this fruit tea with a smell that can shock the senses senseless of even the most sensible teasan whos’s head is otherwise on straight. Blueberry rhythms hit you nose harder than a pimp hits his hos. Careful not to oversteep because this white tea can have a bitter mean streak but if you steep it right, you’ll get what you desire. A tinge of sweetness, a drop of twang, and you’re steeping fly. Not as smooth as some other Tazo teas but more potent than any. Run with it.

Rating: B+

Dax: I was hyped on Tazo Berryblossom right when I steeped it. What started as a lightly colored brew evolved into a very potent and invigorating white tea. Flavored with white cranberry and blueberries, this Tazo white tea gave off an unusually strong palate push. There indeed was hints of this fruit that I’ve never seen before plus a herb kick that made me think of a Chinese green tea. An interesting Tazo tea to say the least, experience this if you’re at Starbucks and don’t feel like the usual Snickerdoodle Latte that you always get.

Rating: A

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