Taragui Yerba Mate – Not What We Asked For

Taragui Mate


: Argentina has some amazing yerba mate tea, no doubt, yet this special delivery by the name ofTaragui Mate Cocido was not up to the standards that my palate set for steepability. Yerba Mate is usually the go-to steep for me. I wouldn’t say that this Taragui blend isn’t a great default setting, but something is missing. This yerba mate lacked vividness, the mate itself was clean, but had a more grassy feel. The problem here was the teabag. Loose yerba mate is how the steep should be steeped, in your favorite steeparatus of course. Mate in a teabag just isn’t going to be on the same level. Even this Taragui yerba mate from Buenos Aires isn’t doing the trick. If you don’t know, now you know.

Rating: B-


: Taragui Yerba Mate is new to the Tea Amigos roster and I don’t have to be too worried about what I say about it because I’m fittin’ to trade this sucker for a quality power forward. This is probably the first and last Taragui tea we will be doing, not because I will it this way but because it comes straight out the land of the tango. As far as Yerba Mate goes, the quality here is sub-par. A somewhat stale, dull taste with strange flavors that don’t belong. Feels almost contaminated like it was stored in a butcher shop. No smokey mesquitability to speak of either.

Rating: C-

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