Takaokaya Hojicha Tea – Hojicha Son!!!!

Takaokaya Hojicha


: Takaokaya Hojicha tea is the best tastingbagged hojicha tea I’ve tried, hands down. Hojichais a roasted green tea and Takaokaya Hojicha was definitely roasted right because there are hints of that good ole Southwest hickory smoked mesquitability all up in it. This is our second Takaokaya tea reviewwith many more to come. They sent us what can only be described as an arsenal of tea and we couldn’t be more helpful. Check out Takaokaya tea for authentic as fudge sencha, hojicha, matcha, and otherJapanese tea blends.

Rating: A


: Takaokaya Hojicha tea takes bagged tea to a whole new level.  How cliche is that?  I’m serious though, this hojicha tea makes a teasan like me steep like two tree of ‘em in a row.  Takaokaya hothed us with this fat box of Japanese tea goodies, and so far I’m clutched to their hojicha like a baby bear on momma bear.  It’s a bit darker than other hojicha teas, but don’t mistake this for burnt.  Roasted yes, burnt no, flavorful….to the max.  Get this by the sachel asap.

Rating: A+

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