Tadin Lemongrass Tea – A Man of Few Words



: Tadin Lemongrass Tea, or Tadin Te de Limon, as los espanos call it, is a lackluster lemon teawith grassy inspiration. The teabag is individually wrapped for additional class but this is the equivalent of dressing a landscaper in a tuxedo and sending him to mingle with the elite. On the packaging, Tadinlemongrass tea is “Refreshing and invigorating.” It is, if you find the taste of grass refreshing, and a tinge of lemon invigorating. I can’t say that this tea is straight up bad, but it’s not up to par with the pros.Tadin, go back to the little leagues. boasts that this

Rating: C+


: Tadin Lemongrass Tea was a bit weaker in the punch category, but boasts a bit of stamina. Thelemongrass tea taste lingered around for a while, like the last wierdo at a party, but didn’t really do much for me. Being bi-lingual, I am affluent to the tastes that Spanish cultures enjoy…actually speaking two languages does nothing for the taste buds, but I understand. Try Tadin‘s lineup when you get a chance, but for thisTadin tea review

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