Superior Orange Pekoe Tea – Superior Daily Drinker

Superior Orange Pekoe Tea


: There’s something about Superior Orange Pekoe Tea that had be trippin. Maybe it is because the same folks that brought you coffee stirrers, spoons, and other food service stuff has gotten a grip on a decent orange pekoe tea. Superior tea is what I would call this, not even talking about the brand, just superior tea. Here’s a hint to those looking to get on that daily drinker status: pickpekoe. You get the utmost mesquite flavor that all legit breakfast teas seem to have, plus the smoothness of a crystal ball. Teasan tip #4080: if you see a no name brand serving up some orange pekoe tea, odds are it is going to be some hotness. When you see this for free 99, grab a bunch and stuff them in your pockets. It will be worth it.

Rating: A-


: Superior Orange Pekoe Black Tea is rank and file in a long line of proud orange pekoe teas. It’s not the best one but it’s got some features that make it the ultimate daily drinker. First it’s got a quality quantity of mesquitability right there, the hickory- smoked goodness cures all. Second, this black tea fromSuperior tea is inexpensive and can be found in random nooks and/or crannies around town. About 74% are found in nooks, but certain crannies can yield Superior Tea rewards, so don’t forget the crannies. Other than that, Suprior Orange Pekoe tea is a pretty standard Orange Pekoe with good ratings all around. Daily drinker all the way.

Rating: B+

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6 Responses

  • barb says:

    Will someone please tell me where I can purchase this tea. I love it but can’t find it in a store or online. The only place that serves it is Mohegan Sun Casino. HELP!

  • Peggy says:

    I, too, would like to know if this tea can be purchased at the grocery store and if so where or can any average consumer order it online? We get this a a restaurant in Flint Michigan and both my husband and I love love love it!!!

    • Barbara Kerr says:

      I found it online at, however it is out of stock but you can choose to have them email you when they have it again. Only problem, who knows how long until it’s back in stock.

  • Alice says:

    The Town Line diner in Torrington is where I go to have this when I can’t find any tea satisfaction from all my fancy teas at home. It is SO very consistent. It is the “tea of my youth” as it reminds me of the tea I’d have after school with my mom.

  • Dona says:

    Superior tea is located in Bensenville, Illinois. Unfortunately, they only supply to restaurants. I’ve tried for years to purchase tea directly from them and can’t. :(

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