Steep and Resteep: The Mathematics of Teasanship

Resteeping Tea


: Let me start off by saying, we’re back! After a long hiatus with major financial and geographical moofs, the Tea Amigos have emerged from the ashes. That’s what it is, you already knew that because YAKWII.

Today I’m going to discuss a little technique I call the Steep and Resteep that I developed at work. I’m sure many of you have unknowingly performed this Class A-2 Teasan Bagged Tea Maneuver without even knowing it, kind of like accidently performing a FATALITY while the guy is all wobbling.

The Steep and Resteep is performed simply:

1. Steep some tea
2. Drink the tea
3. This is where a lot of folks screw up when trying the Steep and Resteep. Do not take the original teabag out. Simply add another teabag and fill with hot water.
4. Repeat steps 1-3.

You done good son; reward yourself with some tea.

The Steep and Resteep is a powerful style move but it has some other advantages. If you’re using plastic or paper cups like I do at work, then you’re helping save the environment by using just 1 cup. You’re also getting some of the flavor love from the previous steep to give your tea extra umph.

Everyone knows girls are impressed by guys that drink strong tea and when you got 9 teabags sticking out of your cup you’re definitely going to turn some poonheads. But how strong is it really? Let’s do some teasan math.

Assume that a cup of tea has total tea content of 1 and each time you steep it 80% of that flavor is infused into the water.

Steep 1: .8

Steep 2: .8+.16=.96

Steep 3. .8+.16+.032=.992

This is a series and the sum of a series is determined by this formula:

Sum=A/(1-r) where A is the first term (.8) and r is the common ratio (.2)


In reality, no matter how many teabags you put in or ratio you use, the strength of the tea will never exceed 1. By the time you have 3 teabags in the tea, that’s pretty much as strong as the tea will ever get, but people’s eyes will be popping.

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