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Stash Holiday Chai Black Tea


Got a chance to steep some Stash Holiday Chai last night while watching The Daily Show. Useless details aside, perhaps this chai tea is best steeped between Thanksgiving and New Years, the same way no one even considers drinking eggnog during other times of the year, because I wasn’t feeling this at all. I like chai and Stash tea has some decent blends available for the budget teasan but this Stash Chai felt unoriginal and uninspired. I’m pretty sure they relabeled their original chai with some new packaging and sold it as a unique blend but they can’t pull the wool over this teasan’s eyes. Let’s see if Dax agrees.

Like the Super PACs, we can’t coordinate. See how I tied the Daily Show back into this?

Rating: B


I tried to get gangster with this Stash Holiday Chai. Usually when you are in the holiday spirit, you tend to put extra effort into the little things. Hanging decorations in your home, actually flushing the toilet after you use it; the list goes on. My attempt at this is that after I steeped the OG, I added a little milk, some cinnamon/sugar mix, and a diet smidgen of honey. The result was pretty tasty, but artificial by definition.
This isn’t my normal MO for steeping, but yakwii, holiday times call for holiday measures. The chai tea is pretty basic with a hint of nuttiness and I do agree with Mike that this is prolly their OG chai with a new packaging. But hey, ’tis the season to be bogus.

Rating: B

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