Stash Ginger Peach Green Tea – Keeps Its Head High

Stash Ginger Peach Tea


: Stash Tea has many different tea fusions that are mysterious as well as delectable. Stash Ginger Peach Green tea is a great balance between its tasty elements. A sensual, fragrant aroma emits from the sachet and your beverage soon experiences a goldenrod hue. Some ginger tea is purely meant to be used as a dietary supplement, and their overkill ginger taste shows. This green tea was more along the lines of a white tea with ginger wearing a peach uniform. For more peach flavor, try Hyson Midsummer peach tea.

Rating: B+


: Stash Ginger Peach Green Tea is being tried as we speak. Normally what I do when I write my awesome tea reviews is I first drink the tea, then write about it on the last sips. This time you get the patented Kofman play-by-play instant replay, brought to you by Stash tea. Get some. As of right now thepeach tea is too hot to drink but the smell that was unleashed as I unsheathed the teabag from its protective coating was beyond intensely peach. The aroma is amazing. I can’t wait to actually try it and see if the taste stacks up to the smell. He goes in for the first taste…

And it’s a disappointment. What do you have to say, Gifted Teasan?

Well, it’s a nice effort. Stash tea gave a 110% but just didn’t come through with the taste. We scored a lot of points but it just wasn’t enough to put us over the edge. I just didn’t feel like our two star players, green teaand peach flavor, really stepped up their games. We’re going to go home and replay the recipe to see what we did wrong. I’m proud of my guys anyway.

Rating: B

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