Stash English Breakfast Tea – A Flashy, Elegant Front

Stash EB


: Stash English Breakfast Tea makes me feel confident about our burgeoning teasan trademarks. This English Breakfast Tea was put up to the TeaAmigos test: boldness, aftertaste, and mesquiteability among other tactical metrics. Stash Tea, do not feel threatened, we love you and your wonderful colored tea sachets. This is just how we do. Stash English Breakfast has a nice black teaopening, characteristic to great breakfast teas, but the mesquite Open-Pit spiciness was lacking. You could almost call this early morning wake up tea flat. I liked the brew, but the middle crescendo was not as climactic as I would have liked. Twining’s edges this one out by a car length.

Rating: B


: Stash English Breakfast Black Tea is a flamboyant aristocrat who speaks with a fake French accent to impress his acquaintances. He wears festive bright red color shirts with the following words written on them: “the noir petit dejeuner.” he plays the part well, but he’s not quite the nobility he espouses. His mother was not the duchess his father claimed, but rather a poor farmhand. His bright red ruffled shirts are knock offs, and his murse is fake leather. This breakfast tea is not all it’s cracked up to be.
Stash English breakfast tea has kind of a plain taste without the usual smokey flavor of quality breakfast teas. Despite the flashy packaging from Stash Tea, you experience only mild excitement upon consumption. With this black tea, you are kind of caught between a rock and a hard place because the flavor is a little weak and when you try to correctify it just gets bitter. Completely drinkable, nothing to write home about.

Rating: B

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