Stash Chai Spice Black Tea – Tryin’ To Be Like Mike

Stash Chai Spice Black Tea


: To its credit, Stash Tea has some solid choices in its lineup. It’s no Michael Jordan, but it might be a starting forward for 4th seed playoff team whose playoff season never really gets off the ground. This is the kind of player that occasionally is voted to play in the All-Star game, scores a few points, and goes home to his beaten wife cowering in the corner. I got side-tracked.

It’s a good chai tea with a lot of interesting ingredients. The cinnamon stands out but other than that they blend quite perfectly to create this tea. You also get some orthodox black tea lovin’ which is certainly pleasant to my sense of authenticity. A very oily, and quite lingering texture can be construed as either pleasant or unpleasant; must be the cardamom oil listed in the ingredients. The taste remains pronounced for a long time post-gulp on the palate. This Stash Tea review is one for the highlight reel, but it’s no MJ.

Rating: B+


: Stash chai spiced black tea started out with an aroma reminisncent to that of Zhenas Gypsy Coconut Chai. The flavor was nothing in comparison. In the same light, other Stash Tea reviews have nothing on ours.. anyways this chai spice tea was very warmly welcomed by my taste buds. the entry was very bold and has all the delicacies of a strong black tea, but gives you just enough spice to make the back of your mouth feel pleasant. big ups to the homey Nelson for putting me on this one.

Rating: B+

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