Sierra Brand Orange Spice Tea – Take the Oversteep Challenge

Sierra Orange Spice


: Sierra Brand Spiced Orange Glow is one of the best orange spiced teas I have had, right up there with Bigelow’s Constant Comment and its ilk. The abnormality in this Sierra tea is the level of soothness and the mysterious vanilla undertones found nowhere in the ingredients list. Despite being an inexpensive rebranded tea type, you can’t go wrong with this spiced orange tea. Forget to take your teabag out? No worries, 4/5 teasans agree thatSierra Brand Spiced Orange Glow tea battles oversteepitis better than the leading brand.

Rating: A-


: So I had to look up the word ilk, thank you Mike for the new vocab. Yes, the Sierra Brand Orange Spice Glow tea is a decent blend. With the smell of fresh cinnamon and a name of a crappy tanning lotion, thisherbal tea just barely jumped over the lackluster pile of orange spiced teas in the cupboard and made it into the daily drinker echelon. It has more of an orange taste than anything else, to which I cannot hate. I took the oversteep challenge, but not on purpose. My teabag string broke upon steepage, and luckily it was not the end of the world. Overall I recommend this tea if it stands before you, just don’t take it bungee jumping, things might go sour.

Rating: B+

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