Sierra Brand English Tradition Tea – Broken English Mos Def

Sierra EB


: Sierra brand english tea is about as average as they come, yet is not completely a waste. This english breakfast tea looks to set the stage for gas station brands everywhere. Unfortunately, the stage looks like a third grade Christmas pageant with a Home Depot manger and a wise man who can’t keep his finger out of his nose. Sure there are laughs and it is the cutest thing, but you paid a dollar to get in and really want to hit the Redbox on the way home for some real entertainment. No mesquite, no boldness, no bueno.

Rating: C


: Sierra Brand English Tradition comes traditional with a tea for the Manchester United soccer hulligan. Speaking of English Tradition, read my English Tea Culture Teasan Training to learn all about the British Tea Hustle. I believe this is our second Sierra Brand Tea Review, and it seems like I’m getting a feel for the kinds of tea they craft. Sierra Brand tea focuses on making daily drinkers which is exactly what the English Tradition tea is. Nice, hearty undertones with mid-range steepability gives this black tea player the ability to get female’s numbers at a bar, but this Sierra Brand tea isn’t closing every deal.

Rating: B+

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