Sierra Brand Earl Grey’s Best – Who You Trying to Fool?

Sierra EG


: How dare they lay claim to being Earl Grey‘s best? I happen to know the Earl myself and I can vouch 100% that Sierra Brand Earl Grey is not his favorite. I know what it is but I am forbidden by contract to disclose this sensitive information under Wales Common Law code 3, statute 7, article 4. Just know that Earl Grey’s Best is not Sierra brand. All that being said, it’s also definitely not Earl Grey‘s worst either! A solid concoction with some strong bergamotability and average freshness. Definitely not a bad brew, but not the earl’s finest. Let us know what you think, and don’t be discuraged by this tea just because it comes in a paper pouch.

Rating: B+


: Sierra brand is neither banging nor killing the game. Accordingly, their Earl Grey’s best is far from the best and closer to negative infinity as you can get. The folks at home know that I will never diss the off brands or convenience store blessings. Hey, I like the generic Pop Tarts better than the original. Nonetheless, Sierra brand earl grey blew it. No crisp black tea, the bergamot is completely depleted, and the earl grey is but a dutchess. It is barely worthy of me taking my vitamins with it. No bueno.

Rating: D

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