Rituals Orange Spice Black Tea – Spicy Orange Vaccination

Rituals Orange Spice


: If you enjoy orange spice tea, you will definitely get a kick out of Rituals Orange Spice Black Tea. Rituals tea is a little known tea brand but their creations, probably outsourced to a different tea company and relabelled, are solid. This particularorange spice tea has a smooth entrance with an uncanny quantity of citrus orange taste. While its competitor focus more on the spice, Rituals focuses much more on the orange. It tastes like they squeezed half of one into this tea bag alone. Overall, a tasty choice.

Rating: A-


: There is something about this orange spice tea from Rituals tea that rubbed me the wrong way. It started off a a well rounded black tea with a hint of citrus. It later turned into a phlegm producing medicinal tea that made my throat feel nasty. After a deep, meditative thought, I figured that this is tea from Ritualscould be a disease fighting superhero, with the power to cleanse your body of H1N1 or any other made-up epidemic. Maybe I just had a little something in my system, but whatever was there, it’s out now. Decent tasting tea, swine flu beware.

Rating: C+

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