Revolution Sweet Ginger Peach Tea – Off the Wall Peachiness

Revo Sweet Ginger


: Revolution Tea is coming straight at you with another quality steep. This time is the Revolution Sweet Ginger Peach Tea. This fruit tea doesn’t fizzle like most because there is no clear divide between the fruit and the tea. What I mean is that this tea from Revolution tastes like peach tea, not like peach flavored tea. Know what I mean? Hard to describe but let’s just say the peach ginger goodness is an intrinsic part of this one. Somewhat sweet but with no added sugar, you should definitely add this one to your tea collection. Give it a steep and tell us what you think.

Rating: A-


: Revolution ginger peach tea really didn’t do much for me despite the quality brand name. It is understandable and I’m never going to hold that against Revolution tea. In this case, the ginger was artificial tasting and the peach was subtle, yet finely tuned. I don’t know ladies and gents, this ginger tea with peach just did not have me geeked on it at all. Not bad, but not great.

Rating: B-

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