Revolution English Breakfast Tea – Junior Varsity Player

Revolution EB


: Drink It In is the motto that Revolution Tealives by, and by all means you should do just that with their Breakfast tea. Packed in the standard flow-through infuser, Revolution Breakfast tea is a bit more delicate tan most early morning blends, yet ranks as one of the better breakfast teas we have reviewed. The flavor is airy, but bountiful, and does not linger long on the palate. Those hoping for a brute breakfast blend should turn to Twining’s or my personal favorite, Numi Chinese Breakfast.Revolution still handled the job with finesse and deserves top marks.

Rating: A


: Revolution English Breakfast Tea is probably the least impressive of the Revolution Tea set. The tea’s freshness is acceptable: a leafy aroma permeates the tea’s essence and an herby taste snuggles up against your tongue like a love-struck girlfriend. However, the quality is lacking. It’s as if your girlfriend is fat.
This English Breakfast Tea from Revolution Tea lacks the finesse. No trace of mesquite hickory smokiness, and a general watery sensation prevent this brew from excelling passed average. This breakfast tea is not bad by any stretch but it does not deserve the Revolution Tea label. Perhaps this was the tea dumped by the colonists during the American Revolution. Think about it.

Rating: B-

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