Revolution Earl Grey Lavender Tea – Bergamot Lacking, but Still Valiant

Revolution EG


: Revolution Earl Grey Lavender Tea has all the makings of a quality tea. It comes in a neat little box with a pretty picture. This tiny box contains a neatly folded diffuser satchet. Revolution Teadescribes it as “full-bodied, yet wonderfully light, this award-winning black tea blends traditional Earl Greywith fragrant blue lavender.” unfortunately for thisEarl Grey tea, it does no such thing. In fact every part of that description is inaccurate. The tea is anything but full-bodied…it’s watered down. What award has it won? Certainly not one from Tea Amigos.Earl Grey? You can hardly, if at all taste the bergamot. The lavender is a nice touch but it’s too late to salvage this one. The ingredients list make it sound so good! Ceylon, Darjeeling, and Formosa Oolong Teas all mixed in this piece. All the right ingredients culminate to this…a tasteless tea lacking personality. Get out there and get some real Earl Grey.

Rating: C


: Revolution Earl Grey Lavender tea explodes from the starting gate with a supreme aroma. The single serving box could hardly contain the flower power. You know a tea is good when your nose is begging for it before your mouth is. So of course I got to steepin and was amazed that the scent kept getting stronger, when usually the contrary is true. The taste has a bit of mesquite in the opening innings, yet is lacking the bergamot that is signature with earl gray teas. Perhaps the lavender knocks it out. Indeed this earl grey teawith lavender essence from Revolution teas is a unique twist on the OG EG. Mike trippin.

Rating: A-

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