Republic Chai Traveler’s Tea – Samurai Strength and Focus

Republic Chai


: Over the year that we’ve been around,Republic of Tea has been one of the most commonly requested tea for review and for good reason: the variety and quality or teas from Republic of Tea is unsurpassable by almost any brand of tea. We started with the Republic of Tea Chai, a chai teawith so much cinnamonability that a certain chef on a cinnamon-based cereal box is rethinking his celebrity endorsement. This loose chai tea is unlike many others because the crispness factor is everpresent like Lady Gaga on your local pop station. Other chai teas sometimes lack focus and concentration butRepublic of Tea Chai tea is like a Shaolin Monk mid-meditation.

Rating: A


: It’s about time that the TeaAmigos set foot into Republic of Tea reviews. First up is Republic of Tea Republic Chai. Traveler’s Chai was obtained from a homey, and what a splendid gift. Republic Chai smells like Cinnamon Toast Crunch and tastes just as proper. You get a crisp, light black tea and the cinnamon sits on the tip of your tongue post-gulp. Loose chai tea fro Republic of Tea is a spicy, easy to consume beverage that delivers a wallop of an aftertaste, fit for any chai tea fan.

Rating: A

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