Pickwick Wild Raspberry Rose Tea – Get The Funk Outta Here

Pickwick Rasp


: When I steeped this Pickwick Wild Raspberry Rose herbal tea, I thought to myself, what is this world coming to? The brew smells like Jolly Rancher fruit chews, which are definitely not found growing in the natural world. Upon reversing the package, I see that Mike’s arch nemesis “artificial flavor” was in the mix. Loyal TeaAmigos fans, this sucks. Keep it real, Pickwick. Tart and sweet rasberries are good, so are delicate rosehips. I can definitely do without yellow 47 or green 1425. Another super tangy fruit tea that just isn’t even tea in the first place.

Rating: D+


: Pickwick Wild Raspberry Rose is wack as hell, period. The level of bogusability involved here knows no bounds. The cajones on Pickwick to even call this “tea” is an insult to an entire genre of beverage. WhatPickwick calls Raspberry tea I call hot Hawaiian Punch with a few extra scoops of molasses to really get the sweetness to a level of subterranean tasteability. Why steep on the wackness when there are perfectly good alternatives even if you want to stay within the raspberry steepness or Pickwick teas?

Rating: F (undrinkable)

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