Pickwick Purely Peach Tea – Its So-So For Real Though

Pickwick Peach


: Pickwick Purely Peach Black Tea is decent, just making it above the daily drinker threshhold (B or higher). This peach tea fromPickwick Tea is stellar on the peach but the tea aspect suffers. As I have noticed with other Pickwick teas, the flavor is strong with this young jedi, but theblack tea itself is void of freshness and originality. Anger leads to the dark side.

Rating: B


: Remember Attack of the Killer Tomatoes? We’ll this is the Brigade of Ferocious Peaches. Pickwick Purely Peach tea gives you the Mayweather left hook to the nostrils with peach essence. Pickwick tea is your local corner store brand that likes to dish surprises to the Amigos, and let’s get down with their flavored black tea get-down. As you know, Hyson is one of the heralded leaders of the flavored tea regime, and a brand like Pickwickhas quite the number of hurdles to clear to attain such status with us. I’m not feeling the black teabase as much as that from Hyson Tea, and also once you settle in, the peach flavored tea isn’t quite as impressive neither. Not a bad brew, I’d almost like to call it average. Man, that smell really had me going, but don’t judge a tea by the smell. It’s not Gladé, it Glade.

Rating: B-

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