Pickwick Green Tea with Lemon – Tastes Healthy, but Average

Pickwick Green Lemon


: Pickwick Green Tea with Lemon reminds me of my wife’s cooking; when you drink it, it makes you feel good. It just has that healthy taste to it. The green tea flavor collides with some lightly zesty lemon and you get a Pickwick tea that casts a shadow on others from the brand. The opposite experience is like eating Burger King and trying to go skate, it’s the Ginsu guarantee that you will feel like a mess. The green tea is light and crisp (maybe cause its a bit cheaper) and the lemon doesn’t overtwang your tongue. I didn’t think this was gonna be a daily drinker, but Pickwick tea said “I told you so”.

Rating: B+


: Pickwick Green Tea with Lemon is a pretty average brew-ha-ha with pretty average grades in steepability, tasteability, and freshnessability. Lemon tea is a tough tea to pull off the right way and in my humble opinion, Pickwick has neither the teasanship, the experience, nor the steep-mastery required to blow the minds of said tea genre lovers. It’s not bad but the lemonability tastes a little artificial and the base tea, as is always the case with Pickwick, lacks the freshness necessary to summit the Everest of Teasanship. Try your luck with a different lemon tea, son.

Rating: C

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