Organic and Pure White Tea with Peppermint – Gentle and Nourishing

Organic and Pure White Tea with Mint


: Now Organic and Pure, by definition, is a no guilt organic tea the usually makes me feel on point no matter the circumstances. I scooped up thisOrganic and Pure White Tea with Peppermintafter a long skate session in the city. Clearly I need a cool down white tea with rejuvenating anti-oxidants. This peppermint white tea investment was a blue chip success. Organic & Pure really makes some healthy tasting tea, and this is no exception. Themint tea flavor was not very potent, but its lack ofblack tea already let me know what to expect. Thewhite tea is crisp, reminiscent of their white tea with lemongrass in our Best Teas devotionals. Check this out and feel good about yourself for not choosing Faygo.

Rating: B+


: Sometimes flavors clash. That’s what I feel with this Organic and Pure White Tea with Peppermint. Since I’ve never been a big peppermint tea aficionado, I might have a bias against them. In thiswhite tea, the peppermint completely overpowers the flavor. In general I’d think the white tea + peppermintblend would be a poor mixological choice because white tea is infamous for its weaker, more gentle flavor. In order to make this flavored tea work, Organic and Pure should have reduced their peppermint content to a mere dash, just to add some spice. Organic and Pure, you listening? Hire me as your tea consultant!

Rating: C

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