Octavia Winter Mint Red Tea – Close To The Top Shelf

Octavia Winter


: Octavia Winter Red Tea was a nice little addition to the Octavia Tea line, featuring spectacularroobios tea flavor in a loose leaf smash up. If you aren’t familiar, roobios usually goes by the name red tea, and is often interchanged. Don’t get thisOctavia red tea twisted, as it has a mint tea element that lights up this brew like a skate spot on any given night in Cali. The quality of this holiday special was extra fire, but it didn’t hit me with too many different flavors. Double Koi rooibos had a unique, cognac taste. This guy was kind of regular. Tasty, but therooibos was not as special as I would have liked.

Rating: B+


: When you are dealing with Octavia Winter Mint Red Tea, remember to never look it in the eyes. Treat it like you would the emperor. Never turn your back toward it. Always address this Octavia Rooibos teaas “your steepness.” makes sure your head is always below that of the Octavia Winter Mint Red Tea. This may require a really tall shelf to store it. I believe this is either the best rooibos tea I have drank or tied for the best. There are a lot of quality contenders in the African rooibos field but this one from Octavia is likely the emperor. Delicious rich rooibos flavor and a drop of mint make this one cream of the crop. I recommed copping.

Rating: A

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