Octavia Ginger Peach White Tea – The Return of the Mack

Octavia ginger


: Octavia ginger peach white tea was such a blessing. Octavia tea is clearly a winner in the loose tea genre, and they’ve proven their prowess withginger tea as well. Ginger tea sometimes tastes ways too Traditionals Medicinals for me, like my grandma made it to cure cancer or something. This ginger white tea had the perfect blend of ginger and peach. The best part was this sweet aftertaste that is lke the gatorade at the end of a 400K marathon. Definitely abest tea nominee fo shizzle.

Rating: A+


: Octavia Ginger Peach White Tea has the flavor pop necessary to proudly strut with or without music in the background, and I’m not talking about Dax’s tea beats here. I’m talking about some 70′s groove track, like Goldie from The Mack. When this Octavia teaopens the door to his chambers the other teas look down. A sweet white tea slaps your taste buds across the face if they talk out of turn and a nice ginger spiciness then comforts them. Cry on the ginger’s shoulder. It’ll be you father, lover, advisor, protector, and boss. This ginger tea has them tastebuds on lockdown.

Rating: A

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