Numi Magnolia Pu-Erh Tea – DARKNESS!!!

Numi Magnolia Puerh Tea


Numi Tea has come correct over the years for Tea Amigos and Numi Pu-Erh tea is no exception. Pu-Erh knowledge is basically how you distinguish a pro from an amateur, a man from a boy, and a teasan from a level 3 tea master. If you’re dealing with a homey unfamiliar with the intricacies, send him packing to the Yunnan Province in China because he needs some schooling at the source.

Pu-Erh has a very distinctive taste, a leafy foliage deliciousness, the taste of wet earth (in a good way) with a healthy mesquitability subtext. Numi Magnolia Pu-Erh, unfortunately, only hints at this but it’s enough to push me over the edge. This tea is absolutely delicious and leaves a nice leafy residue in your mouf to enjoy for minutes to come. The pu-erh purist will be disappointed because the flavor isn’t as strong as other pu-erh teas but this blog isn’t about the purists. We’re supposed to be bringing tea lovers together, and if Numi can introduce some tea virgin coeds to pu-erh, them more power to them.

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Rating: A

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