Numi Golden Chai Tea

Numi Golden Chai Tea


Tell me whatchu steepin’ on! Today I steeped Numi Golden Chai, an organic tea with self-described sultry spices and Assam black tea as the base. I got to say it’s been a while since I steeped a spicy chai and I seem to have fallen out of love with this type of tea. Whether it’s the Stash Chai or this Numi, they call kind of blend into one Cardamom/Cinammon broth that tastes pretty good, but uninspired. Someone needs to revolutionize the chai game and come up with something spectacular. The truly good Chai teas add some zing by being vanilla or hazelnut flavored, like Bigelow’s Vanilla Chai.

Like everything Numi, the ingredients are fresh and crisp and taste good, so if you’re digging the chai vibe this might be the tea for you. It beats the competition but at this moment chai is just not my thang.

Rating: B

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