Numi Chinese Breakfast Yunnan Black Tea – Clean Tea Sweep

Numi Chinese Breakfast


: I have had this Numi Tea twice now and my experiences were completely different. This time was MUCH better and the reason is because I removed the teabag much earlier. So, for all teas, but this one specifically, avoid over steeping if you plan on enjoying it.

This Numi Breakfast Tea is best served over a campfire in the Southwest somewhere; let’s go with New Mexico, with a few cowboys (Brokeback Mountain or Clint Eastwood, your pick). The mesquite/hickory smoked/bbq flavor is intense. I have no idea where it comes from because the only other tea I have tried with this sort of flavor was actually hickory smoked over some bbq sauce. Suffice it to say, the Numi Chinese Breakfast Tea is supreme. Best breakfast tea I’ve ever had. Get your hands on it.

Rating: A+


: Well folks, this is it right here. Numi Chinese Breakfast tea is my number one breakfast tea, and quite possibly black tea of the year. The essence of all that is smooth encapsulates each and every sip. Prime mesquitability is acheived, and not a single bitter note. One of the few teas that I would pay top dollar for. Numi tea should be proud of this breakfast tea, for this is some gourmet ish. The Wifey hid the rest of myNumi breakfast tea, she’s that hyped on it. I am completely serious; just steep it. Yunnan Black Tea is a champion.

Rating: A+

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