Nature’s Best Yerba Mate Mint Tea – Earth in a Teacup

Natures Best Yerba Mate


: After a long, fierce battle with my pant pockets, Nature’s Best Yerba Mate Mint tea finally reached my teacup. Lucky for it, I was much overdue for some mate. Nature’s Best comes extra strength with their flavorful mate mint tea. They truly captured that wonderful flavor that can only be desribed as “Earth”. TeaAmigos fans know that I need some mint in my life very frequently, and there is the slightest hint in the mix, just lounging. I was very impressed, to say the least. Grab this one, folks.

Rating: A


: Nature’s Best Yerba Mate Mint Tea is anorganic tea that marks many milestones for myself and Dax here at Tea Amigos. First, this is a new tea brand! We have yet to do any Nature’s Best tea reviews. Second, this is our first Yerba Mate tea review. So how is it? Great! It’s a unique blend of 3 plants: tea (green), yerba mate (Argentinian Plant), and a dash of mint. The three create a symphony that crescendos in your mouth with the passion of Bach and the intensity of Beethoven. At first I was not fond of it because I thought I entered chamomile country but that was an outright lie perpetuated by my tongue. The one downfall I see is the absence of a flavorful green tea taste. Most semblance of it is blown out of the water by the Yerba and mint tea. Nevertheless, enjoyable.

Rating: A-

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