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Mount of Olives Sweet Apple


: Did Mount of Olives Treasures tea come corect this tea review? You bet your sweet apple they didn’t. Well I’ll give them a few point for attempt at unique packaging, Big Lots style, and unnecessarypomegranate tea flair. Mount of Olives tea is from Walgreens, and has that two for $1 regular feel. It doesn’t taste bad, but it could use more spice. The pomegranate was nowhere to be found, and I guess I’m gonna have to call Ghostbusters to get some assistance. Mount of Olives sweet aple spice teais aight.

Rating: C+


: Treasures Mount of Olives Apples Spice tea is an herbal assembled of the following readily available ingredients: apple, spice (?), cinnamon, pomegranate, and honey. Warm, this beverage ain’t worth it’s weight in bat droppings but if you let it cool, it makes for a refreshingly delicious beverage. I find this to be the case with many herbal teas. Let me discuss the Mount of Olives Brand for second.
Mount of Olives was purchased at Walgreens in a pack of four. Conceding to the modern trend of using pomegranate in everything, all four of these teas were pomegranate flavored teas. Now, the packaging has 2 brand names: Treasures and Mount of Olives which makes me ponder which is the actual proper name for this tea brand. Ok, that being said, good beveraged iced, pretty disgusting hot.

Rating: B-

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