Milk Oolong Tea from Metropolitan Tea Company – Don’t Have a Cow

Metropolitan Tea Milk Oolong


: Now after receiving this Milk Oolong loose tea from Metropolitan Tea Company, I could only ask myself, “what the fudge is milk oolong tea“? Funny I should ask myself that, being a Distiguished Teasan and all, but thou shalt not be too teasan to learn more. Rather than go to Wikipedia and find nothing, I steeped the beast in our best steeparatus. Turns out this oolong tea is poppin since been poppin. It has the succulent oolongability that you know and love, but has a bit (emphasis on a bit) of creaminess in the aftertaste. Don’t steep this thinking that it’s going to be like a bowl of oolong cereal, what you are getting is some primetimeoolong tea with a little extra dairy-esque love. Try this on for size, I recommend it. Teasan out.

Rating: A


: Metropolitan Milk Oolong tea is a serious contender in the oolong tea category but not olympic quality. The texture really is smooth and milky, as the name implies. The taste is also popping but the steepability is lacking because the flavor lacks that umph-factor that we have come to know and love from the teas featured on our best tea page. This Metropolitan Tea is just a little short of excellence but still well worth the steep.

Rating: A-

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